About us

Hey everyone!
Thought I best share a bit about Baby Mac.
So here it is... Became a mum in lockdown to our fab wee girl and absolutely loving every minute of it. Family fun is THE most fun(albeit every day is a school day again!)
After having our wee lockdown baby Mac June 2020 and spending many long nights online(while feeding) buying all the must haves for our wee one I decided to create BabyMac. Night time feeds did not only lead to online spending it also highlighted difficulties when having to change a wee one that you are trying your hardest not to wake up. This is when I realised that all night time items should have double zips.
BabyMac creates beautifully soft baby sleeping bags and sleepsuits for your wee ones. These are made of organic cotton and will keep them cosy all night long. A wee bonus-they wash super easily and stay just as soft and of course have double zips for an easy nappy change.
We believe if your baby sleeps well then you can face anything else that a day throws at you! Everyone needs sleep so every baby needs BabyMac!
Thanks so much for all your likes/follows/shares,
Hannah @ BabyMac